Back from Break: What I saw in Costa Rica train wise

While in Costa Rica for spring break I looked for any sight of a train and found little as Costa Rica doesn’t have many as it is a hilly environment throughout the country and especially around the largest city and capital, San Juan. The terrain makes building railroads difficult. What I saw was when returning to the airport from the coast that along the highway were two narrow gauge railroads. My dad forgot to ask the driver but the rails appeared i working condition. That was my trip to Costa Rica train wise.


Athens Railroad

In the latest issue of Railfan and Railroad, I learned that  the railroad that operates in Athens,GA will be shutting down. It’s is owned by the Hartwell Railroad and its primary operation was to bring coal to the University of Georgia’s power plant.The last train in december finished a stockpile for the boiler until it shuts down this Fall. It is going to be replaced with anew electrode boiler after. I’ve only seen it once on a trip to Athens, but Im sure that Athens is sad to see it go. Bye Bye its sad to see you  leave. Another railroad gone is always a sad occurrence.

CTA Restoration

The Chicago Transportation Authority or CTA have been restoring old “El” cars. As I being originally from Chicago this is nice to see some of Chicago’s famous trains being restored to their former glory. These cars part of the 4000 series are being  restored with original paint scheme. The color green and white


Starting Off

Hello random people. This is my first blog and hopefully I will post frequently. Many of the topics I will post about will come from Railfan and Railroad magazine.This is my main source of information in railroading. As well as this, I will take pictures of trains I see and find. Hopefully this information will keep you well informed.

Sincerely, Jonah